Prizm In Flight

Prizm® Aircraft Lighting is a fully configurable, premium white cabin lighting solution with full color capability for most turbine-powered aircraft. Prizm allows you to program the perfect white lighting for your cabin design: bright, cool white for a sophisticated, modern style; soft, warm white for a comfortable, cozy feel; or anything in-between. In addition, Prizm can be easily adapted to the phase of the flight to enhance passenger comfort, increase productivity, and reduce jet lag. That’s not all, Prizm also provides the option for full spectrum color lighting so you can set unlimited custom practical moods. All of this controlled by a simple button press or any carry on device.

Prizm enhances the passenger experience from the moment they step onboard with a bright, vibrant greeting in the morning or a soft, gentle welcome at night, or even with a branded color scheme reflecting your business or personality.

After takeoff, feel energized and productive with Prizm‘s consistent, bright lighting allowing you to do everything you can in the office.

When work is done, relax in an atmosphere of your choosing with an unlimited number of colors or from a set of predefined moods selectable from a simple button or any carry on device.

At the end of the day, Prizm provides perfect lighting for resting.

After resting in the gentle glow of Prizm lights, wake naturally to its daylight white light mode feeling well rested.

Every flight with Prizm will leave you feeling ready for whatever your destination brings.

To learn more about Prizm and why it is now the preferred cabin lighting choice backed by the industry-best three year warranty, contact one of our many globally recognized dealers.