West Star Installs Prizm Lighting System in Falcon 7X

Posted by Gerrod Andresen on January 20, 2022

January 11, 2022

West Star Aviation has successfully installed a Prizm Lighting LED Cabin Light System in the first Falcon 7x aircraft. The installation, completed at the company’s East Alton, IL (ALN) location, replaces conventional indirect lighting throughout the cabin, forward and aft lavatories, galley, upwash/downwash and floor lighting with one system.

The Prizm Lighting System provides unparalleled control of full color spectrum cabin lighting through all phases of flight using a dedicated phone or tablet app or it can be integrated into existing cabin or IFE controls. The system will work with most older analog control systems or with newer digital control systems.

Installation requires the removal of the interior and is best completed concurrently with interior refurbishments. No STC is required as all components are PMA Certified from the manufacturer – Prizm Lighting.

West Star Aviation has installed several Prizm systems in various airframes across their network, but the 7x installation marks a first.