Average LED Length by Aircraft

The following table summarizes the average LED length by aircraft for Prizm Aircraft Lighting Systems ordered to date. Please note that there can be significant variation in system requirements and design so this data should be used for guidance only.

AircraftAvg. Shipset LED Length (Ft)
Astra (G100)46.5
Challenger 60487.8
Citation 52530.3
Citation 56066.9
Citation 560XL85.6
Citation II36
Falcon 2000EX85.3
Falcon 7X135.3
Falcon 900EX113.3
GIV-X (G450)129.8
GV-SP (G550)131.3
Global Express77.4
Hawker 400A90.2
Hawker 800XP62.4
Hawker 900XP31.1
King Air 30028.0
King Air B30025.9
Lear 4529.6
Premier I11.3