Why Prizm Lighting?

Prizm cabin LED lighting was designed, engineered, and developed by Elliott Technologies to create a cost-effective, app-based lighting solution for business aircraft. Available for most turbine-powered aircraft, Prizm LED lighting offers full-color lighting which can be installed in your airplane at a price that is competitive with white-only lighting options.

Prizm cabin LED lighting can not only be controlled through a mobile app but can also be integrated into existing cabin lighting controls.

It is available for upwash, downwash, lower accent, galley, lavatory, and cupholders. The system allows for customer selectable preset lighting configurations. It has unlimited settings for different users or different objectives. Need a quick setting for late-night flights? It can do that. Need a setting to watch a movie? It can do that too. Need a setting to adjust to your early morning flight before your big meeting, Prizm LED lighting can do that too.

The Prizm lighting system is expandable to provide solutions for most business aircraft from single-pilot jets, to heavy transcontinental turbine-powered aircraft. The Prizm lighting system offers millions of colors and customizable preset mood settings. Contact your preferred MRO for pricing and availability.

Choose Prizm LED Lighting

  • App Controls
  • Manual Switch Integration
  • 10 User Presets
  • Available from Light to Large Jets
  • Upwash, Downwash, Accent Lighting, Cupholders, and More
  • Available from Many Dealers