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Ambience and aesthetics are considered in an array of industries. From enhancing the retail experience to improving the office environment, creating a desirable space – particularly through lighting – is a top priority.  

Why should an aircraft be any different? Your plane’s interior cabin lighting deserves consideration.

Interior cabin lighting choices for private or business airplane owners abound. That’s because LED airplane lighting technology previously utilized by large commercial manufacturers is now available for private or business airplane owners. 

Whether you’re looking for interior cabin lighting for a single-pilot jet or heavy transcontinental turbine-powered aircraft, LED airplane lighting is all about possibilities. From upwash, downwash, lower accent and galley lighting to lavatory and cupholder illumination, LED aircraft cabin lighting has you covered.

Quality LED-lighting systems offer preset configurations. Need a setting for a late-night flight? It can do that. Need a setting that matches a business brand palette? It’s available. Want to celebrate with a holiday-themed color palette? Of course, it’s an option.

Although LED aircraft cabin lighting is chock full of the cool factor, that’s not the only advantage over traditional, fluorescent lighting. LED lights are physically small and weigh less than fluorescents.  Operating on a low voltage, they emit almost no forward heat. LEDs are naturally directional, which means they emit light for 180 degrees by default. They are faster switching, with no warm-up or cool-down period required.

They’re also good for the bottom line. With low-cost, easy installation and a longer life, it’s hard to beat an LED system when it comes to the cost of ownership.

Most importantly, LED illumination is a small detail that makes a big impact on the passenger experience. 

The power of color choice

Studies have shown that color choice impacts our physical and mental health, which suggests the importance of color choices only available with a LED lighting system installation.

Take migraines, for example. As detailed in Brain: A Journal of Neurology, researchers hypothesized that green light alleviates migraines, whereas blue, amber and red lights intensify a migraine. 

We know from our own experiences that lighting impacts our mood. Science has recently discovered why.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, light is detected in the retina by several types of sensory cells called photoreceptors. Researchers recently discovered a group of cells called “intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs),” which are responsible for lighting’s effect on how we take in information as well as how we feel.  

Ongoing studies and science will continue to explain the importance of color to the entire human experience. For the airplane owner or operator, what matters most is lighting flexibility to improve the travel experience. 

To ensure you can nimbly shift color choices in your cabin, look for LED-lighting installations that can be integrated into existing cabin lighting controls or managed through a mobile app from a phone or tablet.  Make sure the app is intuitive, easy to read and expandable. An app with memory controls to remember your preferences offers even more convenience. 

The level of light

It’s not only color that has the possibility of creating a pleasant journey for passengers. From the brightest of bright to the dimmest of dim, the level of lighting also matters.

The reason the ability to control the level of light may be important is that researchers have linked the intensity of our feelings to the amount of light we absorb. 

Scientists at the University of Toronto Scarborough concluded that emotions were “felt more intensely under bright light.” In the study, researchers asked participants a range of questions to gather intel on their emotional state. They found the bright lights resulted in more intense word choices. 

Lighting’s impact on jet lag 

Circadian disruptions due to light exposure is the primary reason jet lag occurs. When a person travels across time zones, their internal clock remains tuned into their previous location. Upon arrival to their new destination, this results in difficulty falling asleep, waking earlier than intended, and feeling tired and irritable. 

When circadian disruptions occur, the critical environmental factor is light exposure. 

In a study about how the timing of light exposure affects mood and brain circuits, researchers explained how a disruption in the circadian rhythm is directly linked to a person’s disposition. 

Furthermore, the concluded, “too much light can cause repeated awakenings, interrupting the sleep cycle and reducing time spent in deeper, more restorative sleep stages.” 

Fixing jet lag can sometimes take several days or even up to two weeks, and it even lingers after travelers return home. Thanks to LED aircraft cabin lighting, the jarring and unpleasant experience of lights fully on (or fully off) is a thing of the past.

In addition, simulated sunset or sunrise color choices can help travelers as they travel across numerous time zones. Deep blues can help induce sleep while reds and warmer tones can be used to simulate natural light.  

A bright idea: saving money

LED aircraft cabin lighting offers benefits beyond the passenger experience. They’re also good for the bottom line.  

LEDs have a longer life span. Less repairs and replacements means saved time and money for private or business airplane owners and operators.

When it comes to airplane weight, every pound counts. LED interior airplane lighting is lightweight. Fluorescent tubes are heavy. LED cabin lighting replaces old, failure-prone lighting systems. Because they last longer, you’ll save on maintenance.

LED cabin lighting is easy to install and works with existing switching. When installing an LED system, make sure the fixture surrounding the lights is high-quality. Aluminum clips instead of plastic for enhanced durability is recommended. 

Excellent LED cabin lighting is also scalable, providing flexibility to update the system based on your terms and needs. 

Shining a light on all the benefits of LED lighting 

From better product technology to a substantial improvement in the interior cabin experience – not to mention a lower cost of ownership – LED aircraft cabin lighting should be at the top of your airplane enhancement list.

Shining a light on the benefits means remembering: 

  • A better product. Heavy fluorescent tubes are a thing of the past. LEDs are small and light. Because they operate on a low voltage, they emit almost no forward heat. LEDs are naturally directional, which means they emit light for 180 degrees by default. They are faster switching, with no warm-up or cool-down period.
  • More color choices. Millions of customizable mood settings are available to augment your cabin’s design. Even better, color choices can help passengers feel at ease – waking and sleeping more comfortably. 
  • Technology. Look for LED-lighting installations that integrate into existing cabin lighting controls or can be controlled through a mobile app from your phone or tablet.  
  • No more jarring light changes. With dimming options, the unpleasant experience of lights coming on is a thing of the past. 
  • Save money. LEDs have a longer life span. Less repairs and replacements means saved time and money for private or business airplane owners and operators. It’s easy to install and works with existing switching. It’s also scalable, providing flexibility to update how you want and when you want.

Lighting your future with LED aircraft cabin lighting 

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