Need Lighting Quickly? Prizm Can Do That!

Posted by Gerrod Andresen on February 15, 2022

“We went with Prizm not only due to the capability of the system, but the lead times made it possible
to meet our customer’s needs with time to spare.”
– StandardAero

“Supply Chain Issues.” This all too common phrase has become the bane of the business world during the pandemic. Labor shortages, changes in demand, and issues with traditional manufacturing and logistics systems have made it difficult to obtain needed components in time to meet project schedules. The end result is long lead times, missed deadlines, and dissatisfied customers.

Aerospace lighting manufacturers have not been immune to these issues, with some customers experiencing lead times of eight weeks or more. However, Prizm® Aircraft Products is able to maintain our commitment to an industry-best lead time of three weeks or less for our premium aircraft cabin lighting.

Prizm is able to do this through proactive investments in inventory, team development, supplier management, and robust designs. In early 2021, Prizm committed to procuring enough inventory of critical parts to ensure that long supplier lead times would not impact production. In addition, the team worked to qualify multiple suppliers and alternate electronic components to allow flexibility in a dynamic market. Finally, we’ve invested in expanding our production team with experienced and motivated employees dedicated to customer service and satisfaction.

What’s the bottom line? Prizm delivers premium, configurable aircraft cabin lighting in time to meet your project schedule. We typically ship a system controller within one business day of receiving an order. This allows the installation and configuration of the controller to start immediately. Then, custom LED lights configured to match your specific project needs are delivered within three weeks, often sooner. Need your system even faster? Contact us to discuss your requirements.